Farm Collina Mirabella

The farm Collina Mirabella, specialized in the production of extra virgin olive oil, also belongs to the property.


An elite position for Sebino extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil that obtained the PDO Laghi Lombardi name by winning the first Interregional prize of the category for three consecutive seasons.

Visits to the oil mill with oil and Franciacorta Brut tasting are also organized from May to October. Thanks to its high quality, our oil is used by the chefs for many dishes and can be bought at Relais’s reception.


The passion for the land: this is how our oil is born

In this area the olive tree has been cultivated since Roman times because, on Sebino’s banks we can find an ideal microclimate for this type of cultivation.
The extra virgin olive oil Laghi Lombardi Lombard obtains the PDO - Protected Designation of Origin - by the European Community in 1997, with EEC regulation n. 2325/97

This kind of oil is obtained from 40% Leccino olive varieties, Frantoio, Casaliva, Pendolino and Sbresa alone or jointly in an amount not exceeding 60% and other varieties in an amount not exceeding 20%.

One of the distinctive features of this type of production is also the low acidity, in fact the taste of this oil is particularly light and delicate. It goes very well with appetizers and fish dishes, but is also perfect for pastry preparations