The menu. Our gastronomic proposal.

You are very welcome to Relais Mirabella Iseo. I am glad to introduce you a gastronomical proposal intended to enhance our typical land.
I focused my attention on typical and traditional dishes of Franciacorta, Iseo lake and Lombardy and with a careful selection of the best local products, I preserved the old flavors of our tradition.
The Chef • Cristian Spagnoli
Antipasto 1 - Lake fish specialties:
  • Trota al guanciale
  • Tartare di salmerino
  • Carpione di alborelle
  • Sarda essiccata di Monteisola con polenta
  • Strudel di verdure con persico e salsa alle olive
Antipasto 2 - Land specialties:
  • Coppa nostrana
  • Pancetta arrotolata
  • Salame di Monte Isola
  • Lombetto marinato
  • Lardo in concia
  • Silter
  • Quiche alle verdure
Antipasto 3:
Desiccated Sardines of Monte Isola with polenta canapès, red onions salad and vinegar and parsley mousse.

Antipasto 4:
Culatello ham from Zibello (aging 18 months) with vegetables marmelade.

Antipasto 5:
Fresh fish.
  • Risotto: Our proposal (for min. 2 people)
  • Fresh Pasta
  • Tagliolini with lobster and basil
  • Cream of peas soup with Pastis and goat’s cheese
  • Bigoli with sardines, pikeperch, celery, turnips and vitelotte potatoes with chorizo crumble
  • Fresh Fish
  • Lavaret fillet in a tasty crust with crunchy vegetables
  • Clusane style Tench with Polenta
  • Our selection of meat
  • Fillet of beef “ Rossini” style with vegetables
  • Guinea-fowl breast filled with Castelmagno cheese basil and dried tomatoes, rolled in Jambon De Bosses with cocoa’s butter and Pedro Ximenez wine sauce
  • Beef of Rovato with Extra virgin oil DOP “Collina Mirabella” and Polenta
  • Silter Camuno Sebino
  • Blu di capra
  • Strachitunt
  • Fatulì della Val Saviore
  • Grana gran riserva 36 mesi Taleggio
  • Gorgonzola nostrano di latte vaccino
  • Crème brûlée
  • Wild berries tea Bavarian cream with chocolate cake and black tea sorbet
  • Brown sugar parfait with wild berries pochè
  • Chocolate mousse with salt peanuts and pears and chocolate savarin
  • Rum and chocolate tasting