Wedding Location

Your wedding at Relais Mirabella Restaurant.

The Relais Mirabella Restaurant lies in the heart of the small village of Romantik Hotel Mirabella and consists of:
  • The small Restaurant in the ancient farmhouse
  • The Van Der Bergh hall
  • The big hall capable of accommodating as many as 160 people
  • The flower terraces, a hanging garden over the lake
  • A large parking lot, discreet and incorporated in the park

This is why we thought we’d help you on this special day with our planning...
The Uniqueness
Exclusivity makes our receptions unique. By managing just a single ceremony per day we guarantee maximum respect for the needs of the bride and groom.

The Welcome
The staff at the entrance of the restaurant provide the first important service: a warm and hearty welcome that is expressed through the opening of the door of every incoming car.

The Cocktail
Great prominence is given to this initial moment: the alternation between cold and hot dishes, and the perfectly planned buffets, with top quality presentation and abundance, capture and attract the guests who hold fond memories always.

The Menu
The preparation of the menu is taken care of directly in our kitchens. In fact, the wedding introduces our food service to the public and allows its prestige to spread. The bride and groom can choose from a wide selection of different courses, and they can also count on the Chef's cooperation for drawing up the menu.

The Grand Finale
As with the reception drinks, the grand finale is conveyed through the presentation of a rich buffet laden with fruit and desserts. The music, the entertainment and the option of an open bar allow the classic wedding ceremony to become an unforgettable celebration.

The Service
The restaurant is usually set up with 8, 10 or 12-seat round tables and classic chairs, decorated with elegant stuffed ivory-coloured covers. The wedding couple's table is smaller, with two seats, or alongside the best man and the bridesmaid. Elegant bookrests show the list of tables with the name of each guest.
The printing of the menu, customised with the names of the bride and groom, is always included for every tablemate. Every menu is bound with a satin string and positioned on the underplate with a fresh rose as a gracious homage for every guest.
Our proposal includes three different kinds of event organisation: Every proposal corresponds to a philosophy and an expectation that we’ll be able to explain during your visit. Then you will be able to pick the formula that best fits your ideas.

Our proposal includes:
  • The reception drinks buffet
  • The Hors d’œuvre: sea, lake and land
  • The Risotto
  • Fresh pasta of all types
  • The second fish course with side dishes
  • The sorbet
  • The second meat course with side dishes
  • The wedding cake
  • Coffee and liqueurs
  • The grand fruit and sweets buffet
The wines:
  • Franciacorta DOCG Brut
  • Franciacorta DOCG Rosé
  • White and Red Curtefranca DOC
  • Naturally fermented Moscato d’Asti DOCG
The quality of courses is taken care of by the Chefs themselves, who present it with the same care as the à la carte restaurant. All guests are guaranteed to be satisfied owing to the carefully planned and abundant second helpings.

Great attention is dedicated to food specialities, for which the same care is maintained as in the quality and in the presentation, both with regard to the menu and the reception drinks (or fruit and desserts) buffet.